Only Us
By Anne Stott

Words fired out of spite going home alone again tonight
In the dark, a growing fright that we might never find
A way out, the way through

Slow motion crash of two lost souls running blindly from it all
In the dark, can love hold what we don't want to know
About me, about you
There's only, there's only us
No sides to argue

What we can't face it turns to rust, reaching out we almost touch
In the dark, chasing love that we don't even trust
Part of me, part of you

In the dark we're always fading
In the dark we come undone
In the dark I'm all I fear and
In the dark loves lost and won

There's only us, there's only us, there's only us
There's only us, all of me, all of you

© 2007 Anne Stott. All rights reserved.
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