Anne Stott

UMass Lowell Connector, September 27th, 2011
by Alexander Finger, Connector Contributor

There was little reprieve from the dreariness that the weather brought this weekend. Unless, that is, you happened upon Brew'd Awakening Saturday afternoon.

There, a seemingly unknown folk musician named Anne Stott played an acoustic set that seemed to brighten the day of the fortunate souls that came in to the cafe for coffee or lunch and were lucky enough to catch her performance.

Anne's lyrics are contemplative in nature and allude to a sense of awareness that intimates her wisdom about life, love and our base urges. She speaks more of physicality than of politics - of the conflicts that we're made of rather than the conflicts that we've made.

The common themes of her compositions are restlessness, desire and of liberation. As she is playing you get a sense of longing from her that indicates that she feels there is so much more to life than we may comprehend but also of a hopefulness of living life to the fullest.

The passion with which she performs makes it clear that her subject matter is very near and dear to her - that her experiences in life have given her an understanding of her own mortality, one which she must share through her music as a necessary expression of her soul.

Anne played with a polished style and a beautiful voice. It is evident that she spends a great deal of time in refining her art. Her music can be felt as well as heard in that it resonates with the listener on a deeply emotional level as well as an introspective one.

You can check learn more about Anne and her music on her web site www.annestott.com. If really honest and passionate folk music is your thing then you may really enjoy hers.

Currently Anne resides in Provincetown, Mass, where, in the summer, she busks to support her livelihood. When I asked her where she hailed from she declared that she was 'from nowhere in particular yet from all over.'

Off season she tries to take her music on the road and plays often throughout New England, Connecticut, and New York. She has been performing for about 8 years and seems comfortable in front of an audience. She states that while she loves to perform, she needs to write - an outlet for her that keeps her from wilting away.

Though she does play for profit, Anne admits that she 'isn't fully able to pay the bills with her music... yet.' Her attitude towards performing is optimistic and determined; an important characteristic of a passionate artist. If she does not lose that passion, she has plenty of potential to become a successful full-time musician.

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