ANNE STOTT is an indie rock singer/songwriter and actor. Through her writing, recording, and performances, Stott shares a deeply personal and focused presence that travels from introspection to exultation.

Stott's music is a world unto itself. Her third album, Love Never Dies, was released March 2015. Called "a stunner" it played on radio stations across the country and peaked at #19 on the Jambands/Relix Magazine radio chart. Co-produced by JON EVANS (Tori Amos, Sarah MacLachlan), Love Never Dies is an eclectic indie rock exploration that ranges from radio ready tracks like "We Are Here", "No Words", and "I've Known Your Name Before" to a three-act chant-inspired dreamscape, a spoken word rocker and a lullaby ending. Pennsylvania, produced by JACK PETRUZZELLI (Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright, Joan Osborne) was released in August 2010. An album of restlessness and desire, Pennsylvania is a direct hit to the heart and mind of its listeners. The UMass Lowell Connector said, "Anne's music speaks more of...the conflicts were made of rather than the conflicts we've made."

As an actor, Stott has worked on numerous productions directed by acclaimed theater artist David Drake: Kryla in Poor Superman (2008), Mrs Gibbs in Our Town (2010) and Jack/Ernest in The Importance of Being Earnest (2016). In the fall of 2016, Stott appeared in the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater production of Nevermore where The Provincetown Banner said, "Anne Stott dazzles with pure seduction...Even with her back turned she commands the stage."

In 2005, Stott released her debut EP, Untitled Mind. In 2012, she self-published Everything is Different All Over Again, a limited edition compilation of poems, thoughts, and sketches. She has also hosted Word on the Street, a Provincetown TV series featuring interviews and performances with Provincetown's street performers. Stott is currently producing a documentary about the cult favorite live act Scream Along with Billy due out Summer 2017.

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Anne has asked many people, friends and strangers alike, whom she sounds like and the most common answer is: nobody. While Anne is perfectly content being hard to peg, she could also roll with her friend Scott's answer, which came in a text: Sinead plus Morrissey times the Vienna Boys Choir.

If you ask Anne where she is from her best answer is, "Everywhere and nowhere. I don't remember where I was born. My family isn't from where I grew up. When I moved to New York City at seventeen I thought I would never leave, but now I am officially a wash-ashore in Provincetown, MA."

Anne tried several careers before surrendering to her first love: music. She was a massage therapist (don't ask, she's no longer insured), a CFO, and a political activist. Anne was arrested five times on Fifth Avenue protesting the Irish Lesbian and Gay Organization's exclusion from the St Patrick's Day Parade. Twenty years later, she's happy to see that history has caught up with justice and out gay groups will be marching in the 2015 parade.

Anne got her start in downtown New York clubs like Kenny's Castaways, The C Note, Rockwood Music Hall, and The Parkside Lounge. In 2007, she relocated to Provincetown to write away the dark, quiet winters and busk for the tourists during the frenetic summers.

Anne loves movies almost as much as she loves music. Some of her favorites are Dog Day Afternoon, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Coming Home, and Cabaret.

As a busker in Provincetown, Anne has played her own songs as well as many covers ranging from spirituals to Joan Jett to thousands of tourists over seven summers. Neil Young and U2 are the artists Anne covers most naturally.

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